Guidance Notes for eLearning Project Fund

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We anticipate two main categories of proposal:

Please note this information which is new for the January 2006 call

As we are entering the last two years of the Principal's eLearning Fund, and as maximum new money we may expect to be put into the Fund are 800k (2006-7) and 400k (2007-8) the Steering Group has reviewed the implications for the allocation of projects.

After taking into account the costs already committed for multi-year projects, the available finance for 2006-7 is approx. 420k. It seems unlikely that we shall be able to fund more than one or two proposals from Category B (large projects) and that projects which span more than one year will also be difficult to fund given their impact on following years. Smaller, single-year projects will be easier to finance.

Staff intending to bid for funds in May 2006 and May 2007 should consult their College eLearning Coordinator (below) for advice on their best approach to bidding.

Category A

As a rough guide, the cost of individual bids within this category will normally be an average of 20k and the maximum available for enhancement of a single course, module or system will be set at 40k. For projects that support learning across a range of courses, and which cannot sensibly be executed on a smaller scale, larger bids may be considered.

Category B

As a rough guide, the cost of individual bids within this category will normally be an average of 100k and the maximum available for development of a new e-learning course or system will be set at 200k. Given the relatively small amount of funding available for new projects in May 2006, it is unlikely that bids substantially above 100k will be funded in this round.

The term 'course' implies a full or half-year (single semester, two semester) undergraduate course or masters degree course. 'Systems' might include generic tools (potentially for university-wide adoption) to support assessment, portfolios, management of marks, on-line game shells etc.

The decision as to which category to apply within may be problematic for some proposers, and so questions about this choice or the financial limits should be addressed to Sandra Templeman,,Tel: 51 1395

You should also note that proposals to recreate or "decentralise" activity which currently happens, or is planned, at a University wide level (eg Portals) will require a very strong case proving