eLearning Project Fund

Principal's Announcement - 2004

When I launched the e-learning Project Fund in 2003, I had anticipated that the interest in e-learning would grow gradually over the next 2 to 3 years. The immediate response, however, has exceeded expectation and it is evident that the interest in e-learning within this University is both highly innovative and wide spread across the Colleges and Support Groups. To date, a total of 84 bids have been submitted for consideration, and in February 15 projects received allocations from the first tranche of funds. At the beginning of June, the e-learning Steering Group met to consider the allocation for 2004/05. Overall, the standard of the submitted bids was exceptionally high and this presented the Group with a difficult task. I am pleased that the Colleges have indicated that they will look at the unfunded projects with a view to assisting some of these in their endeavours.

The eight projects which will receive an allocation from the e-learning Project Fund are:

I wish them every success and look forward to seeing the output of their efforts at the next e-learning @ Edinburgh conference in March 2005.

An additional project was funded in early 2005:

Information on the Projects can also be found in the June 2004 edition of the Learning Technology Supplement.